We are a dynamic team of passionate creators and technical experts. We are dedicated to transforming ideas into reality and making a positive impact through our work.

We Create Immersive Experience with Virtual Tech and Large Scale Infrastructure

10 Years+ Experiences


40+ Happy Clients


Advanced Equipment


We are a group of independent creatives and technical experts. For each project, we partner with like-minded experts, freelancers to build the team that is best for the specific project.
With the constant learning process, we offer clients a new level of brand experience using AR, VR, and real-time game technologies.
We use Disguise media sever, Mo-sys Startracker real time camera tracking, Eztrack real time object ar camera tracking, Kinect , Intel Realsense, Azure Kinect sensor, Notch , Unreal Engine 
We love to push ourselves to new horizons and create content for human experiences , immesive experience, interactive .. more and more 

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